The Manufacturer Of Our Made in the USA LED Grow Light
      The principles of SolarOasis began their involvement with the design and engineering development of OEM
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in 1984 with aircraft solid state lighting.  In 1992, the engineers began the
development of the LEDs now used in applications throughout the world for over 19 years.  Bringing innovative
lighting solutions through contract engineering; SolarOasis filed for their LED grow light patent in 1999-  the first
commercial LED plant light patent in the US.  SolarOasis was established in 2000 to address the needs of NASA and
continues to supply product to their projects.  In 2001 the decision was made to bring the world's first LED plant
grow light to the consumer market.

   The idea of using LEDs to grow plants wasn't new, having been researched by scientists working for NASA and in
universities around the world for nearly two decades.  For years, indoor plant enthusiasts dreamed of having this
technology available for use in their homes and greenhouses.  SolarOasis shared this dream and had the expertise
to make it a reality.  Two years of research and development led to the filing of international and US patents for a
new device originally named the SolarOasis Ruby Grow Light. SolarOasis was incorporated in 2002 to bring this
technology to the consumer market.  In 2003 SolarOasis moved forward with the patent on a consumer based LED
growing lamp and began trials in the "Mars on Earth" project.

   SolarOasis expanded in the summer of 2004 to include the 3 cluster model known as the LGM1 (now retired in
favor of the latest models) to be set up in minutes in any room, home, or office.  The product line was again
expanded in 2006 with the introduction of the
LGM3.  This model offered the commercial grower a near perfect mix
of light wavelengths for robust, healthy, growth while maintaining taste and smell.  The latest model, the LGM550
features 5 clusters and an increased output from each individual cluster as well as the Aqua-Bar  ABP3, ABP5, and
ABP550 for aquaria.   

    SolarOasis has used their expertise to create innovative products that exceed our customers' expectations for
quality and reliability.   We learned early on that generic LEDs were too low quality to provide the light output we
required, while living a long productive life.  All LEDs used in SolarOasis product are manufactured for SolarOasis
under exclusive contract.
 As a JIT (Just in Time) manufacturer, SolarOasis is able to quickly respond to
advancements in LED technology and new discoveries in plant growing in order to implement these changes into
our products.  SolarOasis is listed by Dunn & Bradstreet as a 26 million dollar company (Dunns # 12-825-8378) and
currently holds 12 patents granted or pending including the first US patent for a commercial LED plant grow light.
Our LED grow lights are manufactured right here in the USA using custom made LEDs to closely match the peak
absorption wavelengths needed for healthy growth.  Their dedication to quality has placed SolarOasis as the leader
worldwide for low energy supplemental plant grow lighting for commercial greenhouses, university/industrial
research, and home use.  
There is a difference between following and leading, between copying and
innovation, between run of the mill and a commitment to excellence...  
SolarOasis is that difference.

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