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Plant Tissue Culture Gardening Supplies
Why tissue culture?
Deflasked Tissue Culture Venus Fly Traps
Venus Fly Traps Fresh Out of Tissue Culture Growing Under LGM LED Grow Lights
Micropropagation feeds sugar, nutrients, and hormones to tissues cut from your favorite
plants, making them multiply like crazy.  Instead of taking cuttings from mother plants that
require lots of space and time, you can multiply plants in glass jars and tubes under LED grow
lights.  The jars don’t wear out like mother plants and regularly create hundreds of new plants
every couple of weeks.
Complete Super Starts Tissue Culture Kit
Item- RTCK
Approximate Shipping Dimensions 22" x 14" x 7"
MSRP $253.00
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Instructional DVD
(When purchased separately from the Complete Kit)
MSRP $25.00
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Tissue Culture Starter Kit.
Twenty-minute tissue culture. Contains prepared
tubes, tools, and instruction to introduce first
plants into culture. Leads into full TC kit.
Starter Kit
MSRP $60.00
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The hormones in this kit can be used for the following
types of culture: Shoot tip- Using the terminal portion of
a shoot (the tip of a new shoot with a bit of the meristem
and develpoing leaves.) Shoots from floral meristems,
Shoots from seeds, Virus Elimination, Single node
culture, and Direct shoot production.
See how it's done with these short instructional
LED Grow Master Global, LLC
Complete Kit INCLUDES:
50 6oz flip-top vials
30 clear plastic jar lids
16 starter poly test tubes with screw lids in tray
5ml PPM antifungal/antibacterial preservative
1 establish/multiplication media kit with BA hormone
1 rooting/growth media kits with NAA hormone
2 establish/multiplication TDZ media kits with TDZ
hormone for branching and woody plants
1 stainless steel scalpel #3 and 2 #11 blades
8-inch stainless steel forceps  
PVC sealing tape
pH control kit with test papers and correction solutions
50-page instructional manual with color photos and
DVD instruction video
Washing screen and ring for standard mouth jars

Additional Items Needed That Are Not Included:
Pyrex Measuring Cup or other microwave safe
Dispensing Cup-One Liter
Pressure Cooker 16 pints or larger
Large Plastic container to use as a hood.
Plastic Spray Bottle for alcohol.
Grow Lights
Rubbing Alcohol 70-90% isopropyl
Jar with strainer for washing plants
Jar with lid for sterile water.