Specifically designed for horticulture and based on SolarOasis patented LED grow light technology.  
Promotes the growth and development of all photosynthesizing organisms (plants, algae, bacteria)
commonly found in hobby, commercial, and scientific areas of interest.
LED grow light energy
Shipments Delivered Outside of the USA
We write on customs forms what is inside each package as well as the cost of your order.  The person who
receives the order is responsible for paying all costs associated with moving their LED grow lights through
their customs or import tax system, and we cannot make refunds to customers who do not receive shipments
because they have declined to pay these costs.  We recommend that you contact your local customs or
import office for further information on what these charges may be before making an order.
LGM550- Five Cluster Professional Model gives greater control
over the entire growing cycle.
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Connect Cable
Retail Price $31.00
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US/Canadian Power Supply 40w
(When purchased separately)
Retail Price $33.50
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Two Bar Package LGM550 With One Power
Supply and One Connect Cable
Item- R2LGM550
MSRP $586.00
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LED grow lights
LGM550 Professional Model LED Grow Light with
Power Supply
Item- RLGM550
MSRP $299.00
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LED grow lighting
Expansion LGM550
LED Bar with a
Connect Cable
(No Power Supply)
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