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     The white and red chips in the system can be adjusted from 10%-100% so the spectrum is just as adjustable as anyone would want. Since all white
LED's are really blue LED's with a white phosphor, the blue component is taken care of by the12,000k CREE chips. Want more blue in VEG?  The CREE
10 watt chips are run at full power. Based on tests, running the CREE white chips at 100% and the Reds at 80% is the typical optimum ratio for flowering.
LGM ION LED Grow Lights
    Size: 12.5" x 12.5" x 2.75" (Without UV Bulb)
    LEDs: 52 Total- 48 6W Chips, 4 10W Chips
    Coverage Area: 2' x 2' to 3' x 3'
    Average PAR: 1390 @18”
    Wavelengths: Red: 630, 660nm/ Infrared: 730nm /Ultraviolet: 380nm- Custom 4 Phosphor UVB+ / White: 12000k
    Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v Modular Power Cord
    Warranty: 3 Year Limited
    Rated Hours: 40,000
    Buy Now- $749
LGM ION Adjustable LED Grow Lights- High Output and UV
     Size: 25.5" x 25.5" x 2.75"
     LEDs: 248 Total-  240 6W Chips, 8 10W Chips
     Wavelengths: Red: 630, 660nm / Infrared: 730nm / Ultraviolet: 380nm / White: 12000k
     Coverage Area: 4' x 4' (16 Square Feet) to 6' x 6' (36 Square Feet)
     Worldwide Voltage: 90v-240v Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU)
     Warranty: 3 Year Limited
     Rated Hours: 40,000
Buy Now- $2150