LED Plant Lights for Indoor Gardens
*Less Energy Use- Conventional grow lights consume between 100 watts and 1,000
watts of power to operate.  Each LED Grow Master grow light uses less than 10 watts  
making them the most efficient plant lighting product available in the market place
today.  Perfect for solar or wind power.

Less Watering- Using the LED Grow Master light bars your plants will transpire less,
letting you extend the time between watering cycles. If plants must be left unattended
for a few days they’ll have a better chance of survival if their grow lights are not drying
them out.

Longer Bulb Life- Our LED light bars are rated to last ten to 20 times longer than
typical glass grow light bulb life expectations and twice as long as high wattage LED
grow lights.  The expected LED Grow Master bulb life
is 100,000 hours or over 11 years of 24/7 operation with minimal light
degradation in quality or quantity.  Eliminate disposal fees associated with HID and
fluorescent lamps.  When the LEDs finally burn out- they are recyclable!

Scalable-  As your garden expands, simply add another bar with a connect cable.  Up
to four LED grow bars can run off of a single power supply.

No Heat-  Due to patented design features-  LED Grow Master lighting puts off only
trace amounts of heat and does not require the noisy cooling fans found in high watt
imitator products.

Safety- Unlike conventional grow lights, which operate on 120 VAC at the bulb, LED
Grow Master lights typically run on less than twenty volts.  This fact greatly reduces risk
of fire or burns,especially in wet growing environments.  Kid and pet safe!

Lower Chance of Heat Induced Root Damage- Plant roots don't like to be hot, and
potted plants left in direct sun are prone to root damage where sunlight heats the
surface of the pot.  The same damage can occur in closed rooms with hot, conventional
grow lights and inadequate ventilation.  The LED Grow Master grow light operates at
such low temperatures that incidental root damage is unlikely.
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