Why LGM?  
LED Grow Master Global, LLC has launched the latest version of the
LGM5 LED grow light, the "LGM660".  Low temperature, low voltage,
easy to install, durable, and safe;  LED Grow Master is able to provide
the most advanced plant lighting technology available in the market
place today.

LGM light bars are manufactured by SolarOasis to include the full
spectrum of light needed for healthy, robust growth.  The engineers at
SolarOasis began developing OEM Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
applications in 1992.  They currently hold 12 patents granted or
pending including the first US patent for a commercial LED plant grow
light. SolarOasis  was established in 2000 to address the needs of
NASA and continues to supply product to their projects.  As the master
distributor for SolarOasis horticultural lighting- LED Grow Master lighting has been proven in consumer, commercial,
and research applications around the world for over 11 years.  LGM grow lights are made in the USA, NAFTA
certified, and ROHS compliant.  LED bars are shipped with country specific power supplies compatible to standard
outlets at 10 to 20 times the electrical efficiency of traditional plant lighting.  Designed for even greater efficiency
when powered by alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. Our staff is available seven days a
week to help determine a configuration that will supply quality lighting in the most cost effective manner.    

The ability to supply your clients 365 days a year creates an obvious advantage to purchasing from your company.  
Since the optimal photoperiod for many commercial crops is greater than 14 hours, few places are able to supply
this lighting naturally for more than 4 months out of the year. There are many drawbacks to traditional greenhouse
lighting originally designed to light warehouses- not to grow plants.  Conventional grow lights are high voltage
devices that consume between 100 watts and 1,250 watts of power to operate.  These traditional light sources
create a great deal of waste heat that must then be ventilated in the warmer months when electricity prices are at
the peak.   LGM lighting runs on 9 watts per bar making them an efficient and safe option for year round production
while providing significant savings and advantages over other lighting options.  These energy savings become more
and more important as energy costs continue to rise.

By Using LED Grow Master lighting you can expect a safer working environment.  LED Grow Master bulbs contain no
glass parts, and are low voltage devices with minimal fire/shock risk.  LED lighting contains no lead or mercury not
only increasing safety, but eliminating the disposal fees associated with traditional greenhouse lighting which is
currently classified as hazardous waste.

The durability, small size, and efficiency opens up options such as vertical planting beds.  Once limited in produce
production on the lower levels, LGM offers a solution through built-in reflectors to direct light only where it is needed
without the added heat of traditional plant lighting that has proven problematic in indoor production.

The following information is meant only as a comparison to alternate light sources and is not the only configuration
possible.    Our experience has shown that LED based plant lighting, like all other sources of artificial light, require a
certain amount of trial and error in selecting the proper lighting configuration, light positioning, etc.; when used for
large scale plant growing.  Every commercial growing operation is different, and what works well in one environment
may produce entirely different results in another.  

Click on the link below to see the math on a single plot measuring 6' x 90'.  When compared to HPS lighting
over the 19 year lifetime of LGM lighting, over $30,000.00 could be saved in this single plot in electricity and
replacement costs alone.  
Cumulative cost comparison between the LGM550 and HPS lighting in a greenhouse.

Click on the link below to see the math on an A-Frame grow system using 5' x 8' sides in a greenhouse with LEDs
moving every 12 hours to opposite side.  Over the 11 year estimated life of the LGM LEDs, over $51,000 could be
saved in electricity and replacement costs alone.  
Cumululative Cost Comparison 5' x 8' A-Frame
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