• Low operating temperature adds virtually no heat to aquarium environment.
  • Proven, and patented SolarOasis advanced LED grow light technology.
  • Works with all aquarium lighting systems.
  • Low light pollution minimizes interference with aquarium view lighting.
  • Versatile mounting above tank or attached directly to any tank side.
  • No noisy cooling fan.
  • Saves energy.
  • Long service life without degradation of light quality or quantity.
  • Low voltage design for safer operation around water, children, and pets.
  • The Aqua-Bar comes with two methods of mounting, using provided screws to mount inside
    above aquarium wooden hood, or directly to any clear surface on an aquarium using optional
    suction cups.
  • Made in the USA
LGM550 LED Grow Light
For planted saltwater and freshwater tanks with high light requirements.  Professional Model with five
LED clusters is designed to address the typical tank sizes.  This means aquariums approximately 24"
or less in depth, and 12-18" front to back.  The LGM550 model will cover a width of 24" per bar.  The
one bar per 24" width is a starting point based on plant maintenance.  The use of 2 bars per 24" width
will provide ample light energy for nearly all applications of robust plant growth. Each bar runs on 9
watts and measures 21" long x 2.50" wide x 1.12" tall.  Due to the effect of surface ripple, the light will
always be evenly distributed in the volume of Water country specific power supply included.  
Packaged with everything necessary for immediate use, by itself or in combination with other light
bars, on either an aquarium clear top or aquarium sides.
MSRP $299.00
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LGM LEDs provide excellent primary and supplemental grow lighting for all types of
aquatic plants, algae, corals, and photosynthesizing bacteria found in both fresh
and saltwater environments.
Aqua-Bar ABP550
LEDs for Aquaculture
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LGM550 with Connect Cable
The LGM550 expansion kit.  Up to
four light bars can be powered by a
single power supply. Connect
Cable included in place of power
supply in this expansion kit.
MSRP $299.00
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