Lower Costs- LGM LED Grow Lights Save You Money!

    Less Energy Use- Conventional grow lights consume between 100 and 1,000
    watts of power to operate.  Each LED Grow Master plant light uses 9 watts, creating
    electrical savings over even the most efficient traditional indoor garden light.  
    These energy savings become more important as energy costs continue to rise.  
    On average, LGM grow lights use 90% less energy when compared to HID lighting
    (based on 4 LGM550 bars per 400 watt HID light).  Four LGM550 plant lights, used
    16 hours per day, every day, at $0.10 per Kilowatt hour, would only cost about
    $21.00 per year to operate.   The environmental protection Agency (EPA)
    estimates that every Kilowatt of energy produces 1.5 lbs of carbon dioxide.  The
    EPA estimates that every 7,300 lbs of carbon dioxide prevented is equivalent to
    planting one acre of trees.  Based on these EPA estimates, each 400 watt HID
    replaced by LED Grow Master grow lights will yield a savings in energy-produced
    carbon dioxide equivalent to planting nearly a 1/2 acre of trees per year.

    Targeted Light Output- Unlike "broad spectrum" plant lighting, which produce a
    lot of light plants can't use efficiently, our LED grow light delivers the colors of light
    used by plants for efficient and healthy growth. By leaving out light plants don't
    need, we provide still more energy savings over the traditional indoor garden light.
Our LED technology has many advantages for the indoor plant enthusiast.  With its
energy savings, lower operating costs, small size, and light weight- LED Grow Master
lighting brings a new versatility to plant growing.
Why Use LGM LED Plant Lighting?
LED grow lighting
Longer Bulb Life-  The expected life of our LED grow light is 100,000 hours which translates to approximately 12-18  
years of operation.  This is ten to twenty times longer than a typical grow light and twice as long as high wattage LEDs.
Replacing glass bulbs every year adds a lot to the expense of a growing system. With LGM indoor growing lights you
won't be changing expensive bulbs every year.

Less Waste Heat- Conventional grow lights are very hot, running from several hundred degrees to over 1400
degrees Fahrenheit at the bulb's surface.  This excess radiated heat output adds to the cost to cool your home or
office.  LGM
LED grow lights are merely warm to the touch, even after operating for hours adding little to no heat to the
growing environment; reducing your cooling costs.

No Ballast-  LED Grow-Master Grow Lights weigh just ounces, far less than conventional fluorescent and metallic
vapor systems which typically need a ballast weighing up to fifty pounds. Some manufacturers build their ballasts right
into the light fixture, making the light hard to hang in your home or office. Ballasts also burn out eventually, requiring
another expensive component replacement not needed with LGM Grow Lights.

No Reflector- Conventional glass envelope grow lights emit light in all directions. In order to use as much of this light
for plant growth as possible, they are generally fitted with bulky, unattractive reflectors to direct light back toward the
plants. With LGM lighting, the reflectors are built right into the LEDs themselves, so no secondary reflector is needed.
Almost all of the light generated by the LEDs in the LED Grow-Master grow light is directed straight at your plants.

Less Watering- Using the LED Grow Master grow light, your plants will transpire less, letting you extend the time
between watering cycles.  If you need to leave your plants unattended for a few days; they'll have a better chance of
surviving if their grow lights aren't drying them out.
Safe for kids and pets.
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