LED Grow Lights For Research, Greenhouses, and Growing Indoors
Lab Shelving / Urban Agriculture / Aquaculture / Hobby Gardens / Tissue Culture / Seedlings / Thermogradient Tables / Controlled Reach-In
Growth Chambers / Algae Production / Hydroponics / Propagation / Planted Aquariums
LGM represents the most efficient plant lighting options available on the marketplace today. Specifically for horticulture, and based on patented LED plant
light technology.  LGM LED grow lights support the growth and development of all photosynthesizing organisms (plants, algae, and bacteria) commonly
found in hobby, commercial, and Scientific areas of interest. LGM LED grow lighting has been proven in consumer, commercial, and research applications
around the world for more than a decade.
led grow light
All LED Grow Lights Made in the USA
LED grow lights
LED Grow Master Global, LLC
  • Save Money with Unparalleled Efficiency
  • Light Weight, Low Operating Temperature
  • Long Service Life
  • Safe, DC Operation
  • Small, Durable, Easy to Mount, and Maintain
  • Compatible to Alternative Energy Sources
  • Scalable, Proven LED Plant Light Technology
  • Closely Match Peak Absorption Wavelengths
  • Recyclable
  • No UV, Glass Parts, Lead, Mercury
  • Low Voltage/Low Heat Eliminates Shock, Fire, and Burn Risks
  • Designed for Minimal Environmental Impact
Do you have a short-term need for plant lighting or just want to experiment with LEDs without a large investment?
LGM's LED library may be just the thing.  
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