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LED Grow Master Global, LLC has worked closely with Researchers, Scientists, Commercial Growers, and Hobby Growers utilizing LED grow lights  for
over a decade.  We offer quality, efficiency, and a knowledgeable staff of industry veterans.
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LED Grow Lights In Indoor Gardens
LGM Consulting Services
Access the experience we've gained over the last 12 years.  
Your consultant will answer questions and provide guidance;
working with you to understand, incorporate the latest
technology, and implement your indoor agriculture projects.
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LGM Gardening Supplies
LED Grow Master Global offers a full line of indoor gardening
supplies including greenhouses,  LED grow lights,
hydroponic systems, tissue culture kits, nutrients, timers, and
more.  You can count on us for quality products and service.  
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General Information About Growing Under LED Grow
Lights and Indoor Agriculture in Controlled Environments
Enjoy articles about growing under LED grow lights, reviews,
and general information for growing indoors. Over 300 pages
document our experiences and those of our clients who have
been kind enough to let us share  with you.  
Learn more about LED grow lighting and indoor gardening.
LED Grow Lights for Greenhouses